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Keeping Seniors Healthy

April 2012 Articles:

Question for Aging Men: Will Testosterone Spark Virility?

March 2012 Articles:

Is Dad Still Road-Worthy – Or Is It Time to Take the Keys?

Coping and Recovering from Knee Replacement

Lactose Intolerance May Not Spell Osteoporosis

August 2011 Articles:

The Aging Hip: Replacement vs. Resurfacing

July 2011 Articles:

Are Older Men Naturally Grumpy? Or Do Their Brains Just Shrink?

Wash Your Hands to Prevent Infections

June 2011 Articles:

Complications Arise from Leaky Heart Valves

Thyroid: Small, Complex Gland Vital to Staying Alive

Large Breasts Common in 30% of Older Men

May 2011 Articles:

20 Tips to Aid Seniors with Fire Safety

Poor Eyesight Can Trigger Vivid Hallucinations

April 2011 Articles:

When Old Dental Fillings Make Music. Honest!

March 2011 Articles:

Avoiding the All-Too-Common Senior Fall or Slip

Know Dangers of Sleep Apnea - When Breathing Briefly Stops

Seniors Apt to Get Epilepsy, Second Only to Children

February 2011 Articles:

What to Look for in Buying Sunglasses to Protect Senior Sight

Losing Weight Gets Tougher in Senior Years, Especially for Women

Varicose Veins More Than a Painful, Ugly Nuisance

January 2011 Articles:

If the Shoe Fits . . . A Tale of Feet Growing in Old Age

December 2010 Articles:

This Common Infection Can Be Deadly

November 2010 Articles:

Exercises Can Help with Incontinence

October 2010 Articles:

There's a Link Between Alcohol and Snoring

September 2010 Articles:

Botox for Treating Shaky Hands?

Flu Season Is Around the Corner -- Time for That Flu Shot!

Triglycerides Out of Balance Boost Stroke, Heart Attack Risk

August 2010 Articles:

Heimlich Maneuver Saves Seniors from Choking to Death

The Common Discomfort of Restless Leg Syndrome

Gallstones Can Wreak Havoc If Untreated

July 2010 Articles:

Can Coffee Prevent Liver Damage in Drinkers?

What Causes Mom's Bad Breath?

Headaches in Seniors Can Be Sign of Serious Condition

June 2010 Articles:

Seniors Bruise Easily, Sometimes from Meds

Cavities, Gum Disease Can Increase with Age

May 2010 Articles:

Shortness of Breath May Be Health Warning

March 2010 Articles:

Hemorrhoids: Not a Problem to Sit On

The Heart-Stopping Truth About Heart Surgery

Anger Can Tip the Scale with High Blood Pressure

February 2010 Articles:

Seniors Should Be Cautious Around Dogs

January 2010 Articles:

What Causes Mom's Gas?

Caffeine Sensitivity Increases with Age

Seniors Tend to Bruise More Easily

December 2009 Articles:

Avoiding Falls in Seniors

Recurring Stomach Pain May Be a Warning Sign

Striking Out with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease

November 2009 Articles:

Tactics to Fix Hair Thinning in Women, Balding in Men

That Toothache May Be a Sinus Problem

Allergies Require Care in Treating Due to Meds Interaction

Seniors Who Drink Face Many Dangers

October 2009 Articles:

Who Suffers Motion Sickness Is Luck of the Draw

Acupuncture and the Aging (Pained) Body

When Alcohol Makes Your Heart Skip a Beat - In Bad Way

Natural Germ-Fighting Immunities Reduce Fevers in Elderly

September 2009 Articles:

What Condition Sends Most Elderly to the Hospital?

Protecting Elderly Loved Ones from Swine Flu

Marijuana Can Help Glaucoma, But Heed the Law

That Morning Oatmeal Is More Healthy Than You Think

August 2009 Articles:

Surgical and Non-Surgical Treatment of Back Pain

Preventing Caregiver and Elderly Back Pain

What Causes Back Pain?

July 2009 Articles:

Secondhand Smoke and Caregiving

Caffeine and Vitamins Not Always a Good Mix

Coping with Heartburn

The Elderly and AIDS? Yes, It's an Issue

Donating Blood in Your Senior Years

June 2009 Articles:

Peri-, Post- and Just Plain Menopause: the Differences

Sun May Be Smiling, But Danger Lurks at All Ages

Hip, Knee Replacements Nearly Always Successful

Identifying World's Most Common Pain Reliever, Fever Reducer

May 2009 Articles:

Blurred Vision Is a Serious Matter

Osteoporosis Strikes Men as Well as Women

Smoking Is Not the Only Cause of Lung Cancer

Causes and Treatment for Dry Mouth and Bad Breath

You Can't Stop Aging - But You Can Fight It

April 2009 Articles:

Even With Life's Many Pressures, Depression Not Normal Part of Aging

Don't Overlook Angina's Chest Pain Warning Sign

Cataracts Much More Common Than Not Among Elderly

Do Seniors Get Bad Breath More Often?

March 2009 Articles:

Knowing the Difference Between Enlarged Prostate and Cancer

Hop on the First Sign of Elder Abuse

Aging and Constipation: What Is – and Is Not – Fact

TIA Is Important Warning Sign of Possible Stroke

February 2009 Articles:

Parkinson's Among Farmers May Be More Than Coincidence

Do We Lose the Sense of Taste with Old Age?

Dealing with Age and Sexual Performance

Extreme Thirst and Other Diabetes Symptoms

January 2009 Articles:

What Happened to My Mom's Sense of Taste?

Glaucoma Deserves, Quick, Serious Attention

Recognizing and Treating Arthritis

Forgetful? It Could Be Just Memory Overload, Not Alzheimer's

December 2008 Articles:

Are Liver Spots on the Skin Dangerous?

Colon and Rectal Cancers No Longer Hush-Hush

Bladder Control Problems Nothing to Be Embarrassed About

Hearing Problems Common with Aging

November 2008 Articles:

Be Careful Mixing Grapefruit with Meds

Low Vision is Debilitating, Common Among Elderly

Exercise at Any Age ? But Safely

Why Does Dad Have Trouble Keeping His Balance?

October 2008 Articles:

Knowing the Elderly's Sleep Habits

Mixing Seniors and Grandkids Breeds Colds

Shingles? No Laughing Matter for Elderly

What Are Those Specks in Mom’s Eye?

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